Welcome to the Thermal Management Research Laboratory. Here are a few tips to get you started


TMRL is primarily based in the John Hodgins Engineering Building. Builiding 16 on the campus map. Our main labs are located in JHE-104/104A and JHE-106B. Dr. Ching's office is in JHE-103 and Dr. Cotton's office is in JHE-212A. The Mechanical Engineering department office is located in JHE-316. You will need to go here to meet the graduate administrator when you first arrive. You will also need to visit the school of graduate studies in Gilmour hall 212 (Building 20 on the map) in your first couple of days. In addition, the mechanical engineering workshop is located on the 2nd floor  of JHE. You can find the technicians in JHE-205. http://mech.mcmaster.ca/about_staff.html.


If you are an international student, you will need to get a social insurance number and a bank account. Pick up your student card, bus pass and submit your tax forms with a black void cheque to the school of graduate studies. You will need to  You need to complete mandatory safety training and TA training in your first week at McMaster. It is also a good idea to sign up for workshop training as you may need it if your work is experimental. You will need to attend periodic TMRL Group meetings to give progress updates. Get access to the NASDrive both on campus and off campus using VPN and learn how to use a reference manager like Mendeley. The NASDrive contains a wealth of literature to get you started on your project and the reference manager will help you easily start and manage your literature review. Most of the important information that you need to know can be found on the department website http://mech.mcmaster.ca/graduate.html.
For more information, you can read the welcome booklet made by the McMaster Engineering graduate society here.