TMRL regularly collaborates with other faculty members, government agencies and industry partners


Collaboration with other Faculty Members

Dr. Selgavanapathy

Dr. Lightstone

Dr. Emadi


Faculty Member: Dr. P. Ravi Selvaganapathy

Collaboration: Dr. Selvaganapathy is a leader in the area of MEMS and biomicrofluidic systems. TMRL and CAMEF regularly collaborate on projects that involve microfluidic systems for cooling of power electronics and microfluidic systems that use electrohydrodynamics.

Website: CAMEF

Faculty Member: Dr. Marilyn Lightstone

Collaboration: Dr. Lightstone is a leader in the area of computational fluid dynamics for solar thermal and phase change thermal storage systems. TMRL and Dr. Lightstone regularly collaborate on thermal management projects that have a significant modeling component.


Faculty Member: Dr. Ali Emadi

Collaboration: Dr. Emadi is the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain and the Director of McMaster Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO). TMRL collaborate with Dr. Emadi on projects involving thermal management and waste heat recovery from vehicles.


Faculty Member: Dr. John Preston

Collaboration: Dr. Preston is a leader in the field of fabrication and optimisation of materials for solar cell applications and thermoelectric applications . TMRL collaborate with Dr. Preston on the development of better thermoelectric materials.


Collaboration with Industry

  • Atomic Energy Canada Limited
  • HCE Energy Inc.
  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco
  • Thermoelectrics Corporation
  • Acrolab
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Gosco Valves
  • Long Manufacturing

Government Agencies & Other Universities

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
  • Research Project Internships for undergraduate students from INSA-Lyon